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Rae Chornenky NFRW Chr 2012Rae Chornenky, Chairman of Arizona Legislative District 22 Republican Committee, has announced her candidacy for Maricopa County Republicam Committee (MCRC) Chairman and she has been unanimously accepted for nomination by the MCRC Nominations Committee. Chornenky, an attorney and native of Arizona, is the first and only Arizonan to be elected President and CEO of the National Federation of Republican Women, the largest grassroots women’s political organization in the country.  She lived in Washington, D.C. during her two-year term directing the corporate staff, administering a multi-million dollar budget, presiding over the national Board of Directors and biennial convention, advocating conservative grassroots issues on Capitol Hill and across the country.  Sought out by international media as a conservative Republican voice in response to the 2012 Democrat presidential campaign allegations, her rebuttals resulted in her invitation to speak at the 2012 Republican National Convention. During Chornenky’s first term as LD 22 Chairman, the district achieved the greatest increase in PC recruitment in Maricopa County.  She was selected the Arizona Republican Party’s “Most Outstanding District Chair” in January 2018.   She is excited to bring her unique leadership skills to the office of MCRC Chairman including the expertise and experience gained through her service on the Arizona Superior Court bench presiding over the resolution of adversarial interests and, when necessary, standing firm to hold persons accountable for their actions;  as an Adjunct Professor teaching constitutional law; as legislative liaison and public relations contact for the Arizona Department of Agriculture bringing together diverse interests and drafting important legislation then successfully lobbying legislative and budget measures;  and as an Assistant Arizona Attorney General successfully prosecuting organized crime and racketeering, ultimately being cross-designated as an Assistant United States Attorney. Her continued service on diverse civic, professional and not-for-profit Boards of Directors have enabled her to develop a deep respect for assuring that all viewpoints are not only presented but  are provided meaningful participation during the decision making process and for the thoughtful application of organizational rules and protocols.  Rae’s goals and objectives as MCRC Chairman, in addition to getting worthy Republicans elected to office,  will include:

· To continue to build and expand upon the successes achieved by current MCRC Chairman Chris Herring

· To guarantee to all Maricopa County conservatives the opportunity to be heard and to have the views of all carefully considered

· To provide the most effective resources and training for LD Chairmen, officers and PCs

· To make available to each Legislative District experts in social media and marketing for guidance in achieving Republican electoral successes and re-gaining offices which were lost

· To instill total transparency as well as accountability in all MCRC operations  Contact Information:

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Sally Kizer  2gilbert hernandezThe Colorado River Tea Party of Yuma is planning their annual Christmas Party between 5:30-7:30 pm, Thurs., Dec 13. Partipants are asked to bring a meat dish, salad veggie or fruit plate or desserts. Trip Tip and beans, cornbread muffins, coffee and water will be provided, according to outgoing Chairman Sally Kizer. Kizer will pass the baton to new tea party chairman Gilbert Hernandez during the event. Contact Kizer at 928-210-1219

nohl rosenActivist Nohl Rosen has announced the Patriots of Wickenburg will another protest between 11am-1 pm Thurs., Dec 20 in front of the Maricopa County Recorder’s office, 111 S Third Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85003, demanding that Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes step down. The protest is over the numerous problems that voters and the Recorder’s office encountered during the general election. Contact:

Connie  Uribe - Yuma 2017The Rio Colorado Republican Women of Yuma are proud to sponsor the 3rd Annual Wreaths Across America ceremonies at 10 am., Sat., Dec 15 to place Christmas wreaths on the graves of our Veterans. The first ceremony will take place 10am at Desert Lawn Cemetery to correspond to the ceremony at our National Cemetery in Arlington. The ceremony at Sunset Vista Cemetery will begin at noon. Connie Uribe reports the committee, headed by APRYL BRAND, raised enough funds this year to place wreaths on every grave in the Veterans’ areas.

francine 4The Grassroots Tea Party Activist will meet at 6:30 pm, Wed., Dec 19 to view a free Christmas movie at Denny’s Restaurant (Dunlap Exit) in Phoenix. You may bring cookies or snacks to munch on during the movie. There will be two raffles (meal at Denny’s) and a Thomas Kinkaid Musicial Holiday cookie tin with lights. $3 per ticket. Everyone in attendance will receive a $6 discount towards their meal at Denny’s, according to facilitator Francine Romesburg.

steve chucri (2)The Fountain Hills Republican Club’s Annual Christmas Potluck Brunch will be held at 9 am., Sat., Dec 15 at the Fountain Hills Community Center with speaker Steve Chucri, Chairman, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  He will give a comprehensive report on the Aug 31 Arizona Primary Election and the Nov 6th General Election.  He will also address the many issues and concerns surrounding the integrity of the Maricopa County Recorders office. The USMC Toys for Tots will be accepting donated unwrapped gifts for kids.  And the Fountain Hills Toymakers will have handmade gifts available for your last minute gift shopping convenience. Registration will begin at 8:15 am. Please bring your favorite breakfast dish to share.  Rosemary Hansen, President (602-882-8985)

helen purcell 3The Arrowhead Republican Women will meet Wed., Jan 9 with former Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell at the Briarwood County Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave, Sun City West. Purcell will discuss election practices in general and will share observations of the recent November 6 general election issues. Registration begins at 10:45am, meeting starts promptly at 11:30am. Cost is $20 payable at the door and includes luncheon. Reservations are required and may be made via our website at or by contacting Lezlee Alexander at 602-354-5224.

Congressman Andy Biggs conducted a telephone town hall last evening with Airzona constituates.

Election results for Maricopa County: . The official canvass was on Mon, Nov. 26, 2018 in the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ auditorium, 205 W Jefferson (10 floor), Phoenix, AZ 85003. Contact: Sophia Solis 480-387-4947 www.Maricopa.Vote

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tom morrisseyTom Morrissey, Past Chairman AZ GOP: Well, folks, it’s that time of the year again when we start preparing for the Statutory Meeting and the election of our statutory officers, Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.  And once again we see the process of manipulation in play through PROXIES. But wait a minute, there is also another tool of manipulation in play, and that is, the election itself.  Over the past few years, the state party leadership has introduced voting through electronic devices. Quick but far from clean. Why do I say “far from clean”?  Simple.  This form of election cannot be audited like the purer form of paper ballots. Confidence in the present state party leadership is waning and in the ranks of the grassroots (still the majority in our party) and it is they whom I would like to address. I ask you, the Grassroots to recall that time during my term as Chair when we were forced to come together and meet a tremendous challenge when the Establishment withdrew their financial support because they were not in control.  What happened as result?  We were the top performing Republican state committee in the country (per the NY Times).  We won every state-wide office and elected a US Senator and re-elected Sheriff Arpaio.  We turned two Democrat counties into Republican counties (Gila and Graham) and we raised $3.8 million. Compare that to the elections when the Establishment has been in power, especially this past debacle. If the powers that be remain in control due to the use of proxies and an electronic device driven election at the State meeting it may be time for the grassroots to use the tools we have – those are our feet and our minds.  Our feet, to make a statement by exiting the meeting to prevent a quorum. Longer term, our minds to restore the numbers of conservative PCs statewide and fill your quota with conservative paper PCs. Until we are organized and our numbers exceed theirs, this meeting is simply an exercise in futility. See you all in January when I intend to use my feet and my mind and I hope you will join me.

rob haneyRob Haney, former chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party: “Flake is the epitome of a Republican squish. His benevolence toward the brutal Cuban leftist dictators and his support of the illegal-alien invasion angered many Arizonans. “His willingness to block President Trump’s conservative judge appointments until his bill to prolong Mueller’s ‘witch hunt’ is heard demonstrates his disregard for the country’s welfare and illustrates his childish petulance,” Haney said. “Flake’s role as the nemesis to Trump, the most accomplished fighter for conservative policies we have ever had, has eclipsed his flaky proclivities.” Remembering President George H.W. Bush . . . How The Media Spigot Runs Hot And Cold For Friends And Foes

Joe Hobbs - LD19 Activist Joe Hobbs: UPDATE- Do a search on “restored internet amazon” and find my eBook: Trump’s FCC Republican majority has prevailed! we won. network neutrality was a gigantic hoax!  We Defeated the rogue FCC Democrat takeover/confiscation of our internet!  “I Fear the Disastrous, World-Wide Impact of the FCC’s Network Neutrality “ORDER”- It is Network Brutality” – Joseph J. Hobbs, circa 2015. Below is a direct quote from the 320 page “Order” which was released just two weeks after their 3-2 vote was actually taken in 2015 by the rogue democrats to seize the Internet. This is from page 151 where they are seeking to define “The Market Today:  Current Offerings of Broadband Internet Access Service”.“Despite the rapidly changing market for broadband Internet access services, the Commission’s decisions classifying broadband Internet access service are based largely on a factual record compiled over a decade ago, during this early evolutionary period. The record in this proceeding leads us to the conclusion that providers today market and offer consumers separate services that are best characterized as (1) a broadband Internet access service that is a telecommunications service; and (2) “add-on” applications, content, and services that are generally information services. “The rogue democrat FCC “Order” has been nothing less than an attempted complete takeover/confiscation of all forms of wired and wireless Internet communications under the guise of “protecting the open Internet” – based on an outdated, obsolete factual record compiled over a decade ago – Net Neutrality bigots will say anything in order to make their bogus story sound plausible!!! The rogue FCC democrats proposed to make those nasty telecoms stop all the blocking (happened one time more than a decade ago) and stop all that throttling (happened one time more than 10 years ago) and to make all those nasty telecoms (there are no “telecoms” left!) pay for free Internet! And our FCC democrats were advocating the transfer of all control and decision making (including taxation and management) over to the united nations! The intention rogue democrat FCC was breathtaking. It has been recommended that the best way for a “lay person” to “get a handle” on the subject matter of this book is to first read Chapters One, Two, Seven, Eight, and Nine in that order. After that, then read Chapters Three, Four, Five, and Six. That is what a reader did, and it helped him to understand the main points of the book – thereafter followed up with the underlying history, which he believes the reader will find to be fascinating. He highly recommends this book to anyone trying to understand what the “net neutrality” HOAX really means. Contact LD19 PC Hobbs at  Hobbs is a three term MCRC Member at Large – Emeritus   480-381-2380 text only please



DEC 13

The Colorado River Tea Party Christmas Party Potluck has been scheduled at 5:30 pm., Thur., Dec 13 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Participants should bring a platter of turkey, ham or meat; or salad, fruit or veggie planter, or dessert. Beans with tri-tip and cornbread muffins, war and coffee will be provided.

DEC 14

The Yuma Chapter of AzRA will hold its 2018 Christmas Celebration at 5 pm., Fri, Dec 14 at the home of Chapter President Connie Uribe, who feels rich as eggnog with the growth of her Chapter this year.

DEC 15

The Fountain Hills Republican Club’s Annual Christmas Potluck Brunch will be held at 0 am., Sat., Dec 15 at the Fountain Hills Community Center with speaker Steve Chucri, Chairman, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  He will give a comprehensive report on the Aug 31 Arizona Primary Election and the Nov 6th General Election.  He will also address the many issues and concerns surrounding the integrity of the Maricopa County Recorders office. The USMC Toys for Tots will be accepting donated unwrapped gifts for kids.  And the Fountain Hills Toymakers will have handmade gifts available for your last minute gift shopping convenience. Registration will begin at 8:15 am. Please bring your favorite breakfast dish to share.  Rosemary Hansen, President (602-882-8985)

DEC 17

The Arizona Project & Citizens Busines League Christmas Party “Make Christmas Great Again” pot luck is scheduled at 6 pm., Mon., Dec 17 at 3375 E Shea Blvd #2B in Phoenix. Ham, turkey and paper products will be provided. If l you last name begins with the following letters please bring:A – E = Appetizer, F – K = Main dish or 2 side dishes, L – Q = Veggie or fruit or cheese tray or a salad, R – Z = Desert.


Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring is hosting his annual Holiday party between 6-8 pm., Tues., Dec 18 at Zipps Sports Grill, 6501 E Greenway Pkway in Scottsdale. Please bring new children’s book and games for Phoenix Starfish Place. Starfish Place is a transitional supportive housing community for families impacted by human trafficking.

wreath 3


Paul Gosar 2016Congressman Paul Gosar, as well as Speaker of the Navajo Nation Tribal Council, LoRenzo Bates, and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association CEO Jim Matheson,  released the following statements after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it would rescind unrealistic emissions rules set by the Obama Administration.   The Obama rule, designed and intended to “sky rocket” electricity costs on Americans and put coal producers into bankruptcy, was a vindictive and harmful approach to American energy independence and President Trump restored common sense policy by repealing the onerous rule: “The Obama Administration’s New Source Rule crippled coal plants, choked local economies and killed American jobs,” said  Gosar.  “The repeal of this Obama regulation and related job-killing coal rules are long overdue. Unfortunately, it it is too late for many coal plants, including the Navajo Generating Station, that were closed or felt the crushing burdens of these regulations.”On Thurs, Dec 6, 2018, the EPA released its proposal to revise the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for greenhouse gas emissions from new, modified, and reconstructed fossil fuel-fired power plants.

Andy BiggsCongressman Andy Biggs: Before James Comey’s deposition before the House Judiciary Committee, I wrote an op-ed for Fox News on the importance of his appearance. He is the heart of the anti-Trump, Mueller investigation, and Congress deserves answers to the questions we have for him.

· I was pleased to interview the Founding Editor of the Times of Israel, David Horovitz, for the podcast. David had some terrific insight into the American-Israeli alliance, as well as the political and geographical realities facing Israel at this time. Click this link to listen.

· I’ve had the honor of serving with House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith during the 115th Congress. He is retiring after this year, and his presence in this body will be dearly missed. I attended the unveiling of his portrait earlier in the week.

· To all celebrating this week in Arizona’s Fifth District, Happy Hanukkah! I was privileged to join many in the East Valley on Monday night to celebrate the significance of this week.

· It was an honor to help send off the U.S. Army Reserve’s 98th Expeditionary Signal Battalion on Sunday. I enjoyed meeting our country’s brave men and women. Thank you for your service! We are praying for your safe return.

· Our office is currently looking for interns in both my Washington, D.C. and Arizona offices. apply for an internship with my office.

Debbie LeskoCongresswoman Debbie Lesko after the U.S. military declared Staff Sgt. Maximo A. Flores of Litchfield Park dead after a refueling plane collided with a fighter jet last week off Japan’s coast: “Staff Sgt. Maximo Flores always wanted to serve his country as a United States Marine, eventually enlisting in 2009. His passionate and dedicated service was recognized with a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, the Humanitarian Service Medal and a Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal with one bronze star. I am extremely saddened to learn that Staff Sgt. Flores was killed in last week’s accident. I am praying for his family back home and for his wife Rebecca. May God bring them peace and comfort as they mourn this Arizona hero.

· I am thrilled to share with you that my bill to secure our border by analyzing our ports of entry for threats and vulnerabilities is one step closer to being signed into law! On Wednesday, U.S. Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Gary Peters (D-MI) introduced S. 3706, the United States Ports of Entry Threat and Operational Review Act. This bill is a companion to H.R. 6400, which I introduced back in July and passed out of the House of Representatives with bipartisan support in September. With the rise of human trafficking, child smuggling, and the importation of illegal drugs at our nation’s ports, my bill will protect our national security and keep our citizens safe. Thank you to Senators Cornyn and Peters for supporting my efforts. I look forward to seeing this bill become law!

· My office conducted interviews for service academy nominations last weekend! Members of Congress can nominate candidates for appointment to four of the five U.S. service academies: U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. I want to thank the members of my Service Academy Interview Committee Lance Undjham, Rodney Jones, Kai Repsholdt, Chairman Daniel Cotton, Michael Evans, Leo Casares, Trena Savageau, and Lance Tucker for meeting with AZ-08 candidates. While applications for this year’s nominations have closed, be on the lookout for 2019 application dates!





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